OUverture officielle de Bonjour India: Exposition Srishti School of Design

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OUverture officielle de Bonjour India: Exposition Srishti School of Design Empty OUverture officielle de Bonjour India: Exposition Srishti School of Design

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Hope to see you there!


Graduation Exhibition
– Srishti School of Design

5 - 10 December, 2009 I 11 am - 7 pm I Basement, Atrium AFB

Inaguration: Saturday 5 December, 2009 I 3.30 pm I AFB

Srishti is a visionary, experimental & curatorial institution of design, media arts & sciences that seeks to contextualize the latest art, craft & design ideas and practices in the emerging Indian context, producing creative innovations that help understand, communicate and resolve some contemporary questions, issues and concerns facing society and culture.
Srishti has for the past several years been holding its prestigious Graduation Exhibition at the Alliance Française.
The Graduation Exhibition showcases the work of each year’s graduating students from Srishti and demonstrates the vision and capabilities of students at the end of their specialization studies in Srishti.

This year too, the Srishti Graduation Exhibition will be hosted by the Alliance Française from December 5-10.


Subjective Cartography based on Metamap.fr

5 - 10 December, 2009 I 11 am onwards I Atrium AFB

MetaMap - web application is proposing a digital map where every registered person can geo-localise multimedia contributions in order to deliver his or her perception of the area. Users can then take a tour across this map, visit and experience a city through the eyes and ears of other people.
The workshop proposes to create a series of « subjective cartographies » of Bangalore, questioning the influence of the urban electromagnetic environment on our behaviours and sensations. The students and artists will make visible the electromagnetic environment linked to human activity (electricity, GSM, wifi, etc.) and collect visible symbolic signs throughout the city reflecting traditional and modern visions of electromagnetic flows. The collected contents (through sensors, tracking and audiovisual tools) will then be uploaded on the MetaMap, offering new forms of narratives on the city of Bangalore.

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