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Post  Melanie on Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:10 pm

5th July at 6.30pm
Auditorium, Alliance Française de Bangalore

A unique treat for Oriya culture lovers

National award winning film-maker Shri Ghanshyam Mohapatra will be in Bangalore to show and share his classics:

Kanaklata (105 min) sub titles, made in 1970s. The film is an Oriya classic with even Satyajit Ray, the iconic film director, praising it.
Orissi (20 min) Sanjukta Panigrahi, in her earlyears with young Raghnunath Panigrahi singing. First Eastman color dance film on her art.
Didayi (22 min)- on most primitive tribals living in Konda-Kaberu hills of Orissa at height of 4000 ft.

Do tell all and join to see these rare films and meet the director, now almost 75.


10th July at 6.30pm - 8 pm
Auditorium, Alliance Française de Bangalore

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore with Ashish Khokar present a unique dance series that will become a regular feature: A Monthly Dance DISCcourse. These gatherings are for all and an interactive, dance learning initiative to help dance reach out to more than routine family and friends events that dot the city.

For long, reputed scholar-critic-editor Ashish Khokar has desired a central venue that could be meeting point for dance discussion; debates; discourse. He did not wish to collaborate with any one particular dance institution, organisation or guru because then it could become the preserve of one group or guru or institution. As a critic, he wishes it to be a neutral, common, meeting ground for all shades of dance opinion and involvement. Alliance Francaise's enlightened patronage has helped him shape this series. A calendar for next 6 months exists ( Dates and Topics= Aug 21: Choreography; Sept 25: Uday Shankar's Kalpana; Oct 30th- Orissi; Nov 20: Abhinaya; Dec 30: Male Dancer Festival)

On 10th July, the starting point is a short film on history of Purusha - Male Moves! , covering the last century, will be shown. It will feature Nataraja, the ultimate male dance symbol; American pioneer Ted Shawn, Ram Gopal, Uday Shankar, Siddhi folk dancers of Gujarat, Birju Maharaj, Kelubabu, Pasumarthy Vithal, Astad Deboo and Attakalari Jayachandran. Following this, classical male dancers of Bangalore - Satyanarayan Raju, Murlimohan Kalva; Tushar Bhatt; Seshadri Iyengar; P.Praveen Kumar and B.P. Sweekruth - featured in last issue of attendance, India's yearbook on dance, released at AF on June 5th, will speak on being a male dancer. What it means, joys and challenges.Audiences can ask question and interact. Nay, they must! After half hour discussion, snippets of their performances will be shown.

The evening will be 6.30pm to 8 pm. Open to all. Do be in attendance!
Books on dance will be on display and sale @ discounted price of Rs.500/- only.

For further details, please contact Mr. Ashish Mohan Khokar +91-80-22483686


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