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Post  marjorydupres on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:34 pm

Nous vous invitons au spectacle Mayyakam Oxymore ce samedi 16 janvier 2010 au théâtre Ranga Shankara à 7h30:

« Mayakkam – Oxymore »

Please collect your invitations at the Alliance Française.

Ranga Shankara
38/1, 8th cross, J.P. Nagar 2nd phase, Bangalore.

Mayakkam-Oxymore is an artistic collaboration between France and India that challenges the boundaries between art, technology and culture, in which new technologies and tradition meet, combining dance, painting and music.
Three disciplines carried through by three renowned artists: Sangeeta Isvaran, Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer, Cyrille Brissot computer musician and researcher at l’IRCAM, specialised in translating recorded gestures into music; and Marko-93 a graffiti artist pioneer in the development of light-painting in real time video.
This artistic creative project’s aim is double: allow each of them to develop and validate their tools, and create a show with amazing visual and sound effects, where new technologies are an extension of Man, his movement and gesture.

The artistic statement

What is real, what is fantasy ?
What is truth and what is illusion ?
What is the image and what is the original ?
I am born, I live many lives, floating through so many images, ruled by my senses, by wisps of emotion, pushed and pulled by so many desires, by a ravenous hunger to be filled and to be empty. Searching, searching for the truth, the reality in this world of illusion.

This project brings together artists that each have a very specific techniques and strong artistic personalities.The unifying thread here is movement, whether it be coded or abstract, each one uses it in their own way: body expression, light or sound.
The core group is made of Sangeeta Isvaran,( Bharatanatyam dancer & choreographer ) ; Marko-93 (light-painter) and Cyrille Brissot (computer musician- creator of the Baratha Data software)
Each come from very contrasted artistic, geographical, cultural and social backgrounds. Howe¬ver, what they have in common is their approach to their art – based on strong structures and precise technique, yet poised to strike in instant improvisation during performance that reacts to the present moment, emotion and reality. Time is ‘now’, space ‘here’. Here and now is nothing but an ephemeral illusion that they seek to capture as fleeting images through light, sound and movement.

The artists

Sangeeta Isvaran

Sangeeta began her training of Bharatanatyam in 1980 at Abhinayasudha, the dance institution founded by Padmabhushan Smt. Kalanidhi Naraya. She has since then extended her fields of expertise to Nattuvangam, Kuchipudi, Kalaripayattu, Rabam Boran and Javanese and Balinese dance forms. Sangeeta has more than one string to her bow, not only is she a perfectly skilled dancer, and fully proven choreographer, but she is also the author of many publications, has been invited to give lectures in seminars around the world, and achieves important field work in the educational and social domain.
Sangeeta considers her art to serve the Human Being, not only in an aesthetic and cultural manner but in education or social issues, and even therapy to populations that are in great distress. She has carried through many projects around the world, more specifically in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Byrma, France, Canada, United-Sta¬tes and Mexico.

« The aim of these projects is to use art as an efficient vector for social change, personal emancipation, and economic development. Dance, music, theatre give a voice to the ones who have been marginalized, excluded from our society»

Cyrille Brissot

Born in Paris in 1972, Cyrille Brissot combines technical and artistic skills. Graduated from Arts et Métiers in acoustic engineering, he handles acoustic problems that come up in European Raves, works as a sound engineer at the Square in London , and teaches computerized music at the famous Ircam Institute. As a producer, he organizes the CoolOut events at the Elysées Montmartre and the Divan du Monde in Paris.
He is also the President of the Protocole Multimédia that supports and publishes electronic music, still very poorly distribu¬ted in France. He has also collaborated on very original projects as the Chopin à Nohant disc that reproduces the piano sounds of the Romantic period. He is regularly produced in concerts of improvised electronic music (Point Ephémère, Glaz’art, OPA withECCE, and in Berlin) and for the events around pour les soirées “Cinéma Muet En Concert” (translation: «Silent Film In Concert» ) in which he uses instru¬ments of his own invention to create music in real time (l’Entrepôt).
Considered as a specialist in gesture recording and it’s readability in music, Cyrille Brissot is regularly invited to conferences and seminars around the world (France, USA, Japan, Korea). We can quote the Semaine du son, les Ateliers du Forum de l’Ircam, Résonances, les Rendez vous électroniques, ICMC, NIME... He is also interviewed on the subject by the press and ra¬dio media (KR magazine, France culture, France Inter).
In 2008 he is laureate for the Villa Medicis «Hors Les Murs» for his project BarathaData on Bharatanatyam

Marko 93

Emblematic French graffiti artist, Marko-93 largely contributed to making urban arts enter the fine world of contemporary art
He embraces hip hop in 1988, and is particularly attracted to graffiti- which is at the time strongly influenced by the American styles. He sharpens his technique during the 90s: let¬terings, portraits, RIPs... Marko’s graffitis are part of the neighbourhood’s architecture, some have even been made with the local kids.
In 1994 he starts incorporating abstract Arab calligraphy to his graffitis and tags. He carves his caps like calligraphers carve their calams to get upstrokes and down strokes. A style he calls Kalligraffism and that he is now famous for. He has in fact painted with prestigious calligraphers (Nja Mahdaoui, Hassan Massoudy, Yousri Al-Mamlouk...).
In 1999 Marko discovers Light-painting, he replaces is sprays cans with leds and captures the stro-kes of light with a long pause picture process, only visible on photographs, until 2007. Starting from that year Marko-93 has been perfecting this futuristic technique with the help of engineers and his teaming up with Cyrille Brissot has given a big push to its development. Today they are on a roll, not only can light-painting be performed in real time video, but they have also incorporated new features, and the best is yet to come.

«Light-painting allows me to make new and artificial atmospheres by creating environments for urban sceneries, portraits, objects, and sometimes all three at once. »


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MAYYAKAM OXYMORE - on Saturday at RANGA SHANKARA Empty Invitations pour les étudiants AFB

Post  Lucas on Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:45 pm

Comme dirait Chinnapan (technicien AFB): "c'est un spectacle à ne pas manquer!"

Etudiants AFB, ne manquez pas l'évènement! Venez chercher vos invitations à l'Alliance.


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