A two-month old baby!

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A two-month old baby! Empty A two-month old baby!

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:54 pm

Yesterday the 24th of November marked the two month milestone of the AFB Students' forum!

The healthy and steadily growing baby that it is, we're happy to announce that as of this afternoon 13h00, we are a community that is 230 members strong, with 75 different topic threads begun and 242 posts/replies!

We say "Bravo!!!" to all the students who've been feeding the baby so regularly and even to those who have been visiting often to see how it's doing Very Happy

We only hope that you will be able to further your use of this space and take full advantage of its existence so it can grow to be a healthy and self-supporting structure.

And of course, we always have a ear open for any suggestions or modifications that you'd like to see happen in this space that's yours...

- AFB Team


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