Mois du documentaire: Jean Rouch et le documentaire ethnographique.

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Mois du documentaire: Jean Rouch et le documentaire ethnographique. Empty Mois du documentaire: Jean Rouch et le documentaire ethnographique.

Post  Marjory on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:49 pm

Bonjour à tous!

L'Alliance organise le Mois du doc, en rendant hommage à un grand réalisateur et ethnographe: Jean Rouch.

Ses films offrent un regard spécifique sur les cultures et permettent de questionner les rapports entre le cinéma et la réalité, du point de vue anthropologique.

Venez pratiquer votre français et découvrir un artiste majeur de l'anthropologie visuelle!

N'hésitez pas à nous poser des questions sur cet événement!


November 16 6.30 pm Les maîtres fous 30’

Mosso Mosso – Jean Rouch comme si 73’
November 19 6.30 pm Chronique d'un été 90’
November 20 6.30 pm Moi, un noir 90’
November 21 11.00 am Petit à Petit 90’

• All movies have English subtitles.

• Entry is free for all.

Les maîtres fous (Crazy masters)

November 16 at 6.30 pm – AFB Auditorium

This film, shot in a single day, shows the rituals of a religious cult. Hauka worshippers, workers who have travelled from along the Niger to Accra, meet for their great annual ceremony: a spirit possession ritual. The “spirits of power” are symbolic personification of colonial rule: the corporal of the guard, the governor, the doctor, the captain’s wife, the locomotive driver, and others. The film raises the issue of colonialism and changes due to modernity in African towns.

Mosso Mosso - Jean Rouch comme si (Let’s pretend)

November 17 at 7.15 pm- AFB Auditorium

This core of this encounter with Jean Rouch lies in the appropriateness of the “comme si” - “let’s pretend”, in which he describes what has become for him both a rule to live by and a rule to make films by: “By pretending something is true, you get much closer to reality”.

Chronique d'un été (Chronical of a Summer)

November 19 at 6.30 pm – AFB Auditorium

In the summer of 1960, Edgar Morin, a sociologist, and Jean Rouch conducted an enquiry into the daily lives of young Parisians in an attempt to understand their concept of happiness. This is an experimental film that raises a number of key issues: politics, hopelessness, boredom, solitude... A cruel but exciting experiment in “cinema-vérité”.

Moi, un noir (Me, a black)

November 20 at 6.30 pm – AFB Auditorium

A group of young Nigerians leave the savannah to work in the Ivory Coast. They end up in Treichville, a poor quarter of Abidjan, lost and rootless in modern civilisation. The hero, who narrates his own story, calls himself Edward J. Robinson in homage to the American actor. Like him, his friends have adopted pseudonyms intended to create, symbolically, an ideal personality.

Petit à petit (Step by Step)

November 21 at 11.00 am- AFB Auditorium

Damouré, the manager, along with Lam and Illo, of an import/export firm in Ayorou called “Petit à Petit”, decides to build an apartment block and leaves for Paris to find out there “how people can live in houses with more than one storey”. In the city, he discovers the curious lifestyles and thinking of the Parisian tribe…



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